During the recruitment interview


Be prepared

Many managers dread the recruitment interview or at least do not prepare for it adequately. Some people go through the process relatively easily, while others fail due to their lack of preparation and training in this important area. To find the best candidate for your company, make sure you are well prepared and that you take all the questions you are asked seriously.



If you are a hiring manager and need to conduct a recruitment interview, one of the most important things you can do is to prepare a recruitment interview checklist. This is a tool that you should make use of because it will allow you to weed out those individuals who simply do not have the skills or abilities needed for the job.

Set up an office or meeting room. Prepare papers and switch off your mobile before welcoming the candidate.

Welcome the candidate in a friendly and welcoming tone. Start the conversation with small talk and offer the candidate something to drink.

Tell the candidate how the interview will proceed and what you will go through.

Introduce yourself, your company and your department.

Ask the candidate to introduce him/herself and tell about his/her:

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Leisure activities

Ask why the candidate has applied for the position.

Prepared questions.

Describe the position for the candidate. Leave room for the candidate’s questions.

Here you ask:

  • What is your salary requirement?
  • When can you start?
  • Ask for references

Tell what the next steps are in terms of more interviews, feedback, etc.

  • Ask the candidate if they have any further questions
  • Why should we choose you for the position?
  • If you don’t get the job, what will you do?

Thank you to the candidate for your time and interest.


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