How to dress for a job interview

How to dress for a job interview

If you are invited to an interview, you have probably already convinced with your resume. Now it’s about introducing yourself personally. To make the best possible impression, the right outfit is crucial.

That is why the right outfit for the interview is so important

The first impression is crucial. Regardless of whether you are applying to a start-up or in controlling – you should make the most positive impression possible. When you wear the right clothes, you not only signal your interest in the job but also your good virtues.

There are different dress codes in different industries

One thing is clear: the dress code in the financial sector is much more conservative than in the media sector. Regardless of the industry, you should choose a serious outfit.

The most important tips and tricks for the perfect outfit for the job interview

  • If you are unsure about what to wear: a shirt and suit pants for men and a blouse and suit pants or skirt for women are always a good choice
  • When in doubt, you should be overdressed rather than underdressed
  • In less conservative industries, things can be more casual. Nevertheless, you should not wear flip-flops, crop tops, and hot pants
  • Avoid bright colors, fancy cuts, and flashy patterns
  • Especially for women: the neckline shouldn’t be too deep and the skirt shouldn’t be too tight and short. Too much make-up can also appear dubious
  • The clothes should be clean and fit well
  • Avoid unpleasant body odors as well as tons of perfume or other scents
  • And in summer? Normally, you shouldn’t go to the interview too lightly dressed, even in hot temperatures.