Job application pdf or word

Job application pdf or word

When you prepare your job application, you can save it in pdf or word. If you can’t choose between the two, you can always use a free word processor or PDF converter to save your document as a PDF file.

Many employers prefer PDF files. You can convert your document to PDF format using a free online tool. When you’re ready to submit your application, use the PDF tool to add the pages you need.

When deciding which format to use, make sure you also check whether the employer has specified its preferred format in the job advert. If they prefer a format other than PDF, you should definitely use that.

Then you’re ready to send it to your potential employer.

Most people prefer PDF files. Therefore, many people will choose to use them.


It’s up to you which format you choose for your CV, but if you’re applying for a management position, it’s better to stick to a PDF file.

A Word document has a few advantages over a PDF. It allows you to add formatting without distracting lines or words. A PDF is easier to read and is more flexible in terms of size. However, a Word file will not show your formatting changes.

Although Word files have several advantages, PDF files are still the safest choice. When applying for a job, the format is crucial. A well-written CV is readable, and a good CV stands out in a crowded field. A Word document can also be harder to open and read than a PDF file.

Most people prefer PDF files. Therefore, many people will choose to use them. A PDF document is much easier to read, so you may want to consider this option.


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