How to Answer Weakness in a Job Interview

Are you planning to appear for an interview? If yes, then you should know answering about your weakness in a job interview is one of the most important factors to be considered. It is not that your job is at stake but how the company would like you to answer weaknesses related to work ethics, responsibility, adaptability, and other things. Answering these questions properly, can bring you great benefits and can even land you the job.

In any job interview, the one thing that can decide the outcome is your strength or weakness. When you prepare for the job interview, it is very important that you should pay close attention to your weakness. As a matter of fact, preparing for weaknesses is as important as preparing for strengths. This is because weaknesses can determine the outcome of the job interview.

There are different strategies on how to answer to questions about weakness. You can try to find out what your weakness is. If you think that you have weaknesses that can determine the outcome of the job interview, then you need to identify them so that you can overcome them.

Before you even start with your job interview, you should have a strategy on how to answer weakness questions . If possible, talk to a friend or someone who has been in the same position before. You can ask them how to deal with the weakness that you have. By talking to someone who has gone through the process before, you will get some ideas and strategies to use.

However, if you cannot ask someone who has gone through the process before, then you should prepare for your weakness in a job interview. Make sure that you have prepared for this question by taking note of all the questions that you can think of that can be used against you. You can even include the answers to the common weaknesses that people usually face. You can even use the answers to direct the interviewer to your strength.

Answering the question of how to answer about weakness in a job interview doesn’t only depend on your answer. It also depends on how you answer other questions. For example, if the question is how to handle your career development, you have to make sure that you know how to plan for it. Otherwise, the employer may consider you a poor planner and that you are not adaptive when it comes to planning.

Your confidence is very important when asking how to handle your weakness. You have to make sure that you are always in a good mood and you are not nervous. Being nervous will only weaken your case. Your answers must be sincere and honest. You have to make sure that your answers match the expectations of your interviewer. If your answers do not match with what the interviewer expects, he/she may feel that you are not real or that you are not interested in the job.