Job interview what motivates you?

Questions for your job interview “What motivates you?”

One of the most important questions that you need to prepare for your job interview is, “What motivates you?” It’s kind of an open-ended question, as it asks the candidate to think about both his/her passions and why the job he/she is interviewing for closely aligns with them.

Your motivations for applying for a job should be in line with your skills, your talents, your interests and your passions.


Find your motivation

As the employer searches for the right candidate, answering these questions can help the candidate frame their response to the employer. The more you can answer honestly and sincerely, the better you will do during the interview. Here are some questions that can help you gain insight into your motivation.

What motivates you?

Each individual is unique and the job they do represents their unique calling. Therefore, each person’s answer to this question will be unique and should not be “one size fits all”.

Why do you want to do this job?

Your motivations for applying for a job should align with your skills, talents, interests and passions.

What are my motivators?

The answer to your interview question should list your most compelling motivators for applying for a job. This list will help you develop a motivational “bible” to guide you in successfully achieving your goals. It will also serve as a constant resource for you as you search for new jobs and position yourself to achieve them.

So what motivates you?

Each of your core values can be the driving force behind your actions. You may be motivated by the need to belong, to have clear goals, to feel fulfilled, to be understood, to be valued or to enjoy working with others.

How can you know what motivates you?

Make a list of all the things you find that make you happy. Once you have listed the many aspects of your life that you find most satisfying, the only remaining step is to figure out how to make those things more important to you.

To stay highly motivated, however, you must always balance your desire to do what is important to you with your willingness to do what helps you achieve your goals.

One of the most effective questions you can ask yourself is: “What do I love to do?” If you love your core passions, you will be inspired by what motivates you the most. The important thing is that you continue to use your core motivators as your guide when making decisions about what to do next – and most importantly, how to go about achieving your goals.


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