Preparing for the job interview



Preparing for the job interview is an important part of getting the job you want. Your first impression is everything when you go for a job interview, and it’s your performance during the interview that determines whether you get the job.

Preparation is usually one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the job hunt. Fortunately, there are some simple techniques that can make this process much easier. The absolute key to a successful job interview is to be thoroughly prepared.



We've put together this checklist to give you an overview of what to look out for when preparing for a meeting with a potential employer.

Before you go for an interview with a particular company, it is important to know what it deals with.

When researching a company, find out what type of services or goods the company offers.

It can help you prepare the right questions for the right people. You may also discover that you have something in common that can help facilitate a good dialogue during the interview.

Your questions can help you decide if this is the right position for you. Make sure you have your interview questions written down in advance.

Have success stories from your previous work that highlight your strengths. In addition, know your weaknesses so you can show that you are confident.

It is an advantage to know what you will answer to some of the possible questions the company might ask you. It will make the whole experience much more pleasant for you.

Write down the contact details of your references and bring them with you to the interview. Remember to inform your referees before handing out their contact details.

Bring copies of your CV to the interview. It’s best to always have a few extra copies on hand to give to potential employers.

You should always dress appropriately for the type of position you are applying for. Dressing appropriately shows professional respect for yourself and your future employer.

Know the route and how much travel time you need to arrive on time.

It is important that you get a good night’s sleep before the interview. It can help you to be more focused and feel more comfortable.


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Tips for the job interview

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