Tips for a successful phone or skype interview

Tips for a successful phone or skype interview

It costs time and money to always hold the interviews at the company’s location. A detailed telephone or skype interview is cheaper and faster for companies and also for applicants.

Telephone interview – this is how you make a good first impression:

During a telephone interview, companies can quickly get an impression of the applicant and clarify initial questions about their career. In positions where voice and telephone skills are important, HR managers particularly like to pick up the phone as a first step.

The telephone interview as part of the selection process

If the telephone interview is an integral part of the selection process, it is usually announced like a normal interview. The same rules apply here as for the interview: Prepare yourself by researching the company and finding answers to possible questions.

Be careful with spontaneous calls

Unfortunately, a telephone interview is not always announced. After all, some HR or company bosses want to know how you react spontaneously. So be prepared for everything during the application phase and get used to shouting “John here” into the phone. The announcement on the answering machine or mailbox should also be a little less personal, funny, or provocative for a while.

Telephone interview: 5 important tips

The phone rings – a call from Human Resources. Your application was convincing. Just keep cool now.

Do not get involved in the telephone interview in an unsuitable situation

In a noisy environment, while driving a car, or shopping, you should not engage in a phone interview. Make sure to speak to your potential new employer. Kindly postpone the telephone interview to a later date. Nobody will hold it against you if you don’t want to answer questions in such a situation. The ideal place for a telephone interview with the HR manager is your desk at home. Here you have the opportunity to refer to your documents if you have any questions.

Prepare yourself well for the telephone interview

If an appointment has been made for the telephone interview, you should take it all the more carefully with the preparation. Put your application documents and the results of the company research on the table. Make a note of the key data about yourself and your career. If there are gaps in your resume, you should prepare a plausible explanation in advance. Prepare for the phone interview at least as well as you would for an interview.

Ask questions

Show interest in your potential employer during the telephone interview by asking questions. While doing your research, write down a few questions that you would like an answer to. A good question for the HR manager is: Are training courses offered? To systematically query the desired information, you should create a corresponding checklist. A checklist gives the telephone interview a structure and you avoid forgetting important points in the conversation.

Don’t ask about salary

Some HR managers ask for an expected salary over the phone. If not: don’t ask for it either! Questions about remuneration or vacation and working time regulations leave a bad impression. You will discuss these details when it comes to the interview.

Don’t interrupt the recruiter

Communication weaknesses are particularly apparent in telephone interviews. Therefore, observe the rules of courtesy during the entire telephone interview. Very important: always let the other person finish speaking. Also, you shouldn’t speak too quickly or too softly. Don’t fall into a chat, get to the point quickly. Try out your telephone self-presentation to friends or acquaintances. You only come across as convincing when what you have to say about yourself on the phone is easy for you and doesn’t sound like something you’ve read on paper.

The skype interview: via webcam to the job

The path to the dream job often involves several stages: tests, initial interview, telephone interview, and assessment center. Another way to test the applicant: The skype interview. But don’t confuse it with the telephone interview. As in a telephone interview, companies can quickly get a personal impression of the applicant with a skype interview and ask specific questions. For positions in which customer contact, presentation skills, or communication skills are required, the applicant is increasingly invited to a video interview – either live or delayed.

The skype interview as part of the selection process

If the skype interview is an integral part of the selection process, it is usually announced like a normal interview and the applicant receives all the necessary information about the process from the company in advance. The same rules apply here as for the job interview: You should prepare for the video interview in the same way as for a face-to-face interview. Find out more about the company, make it clear to yourself again why you want to work for this company and why you should be hired.

The time-shifted video interview – regardless of time and place

Unlike a video conference via Skype, the time-shifted video interview takes place regardless of time and location. This means that the applicant does not have a direct conversation partner during the interview. He alone decides when and where he would like to conduct the interview independently within a given interview period. The applicant receives a link to the video interview by email. He logs in and interviews his own. The applicant is allowed to check his technique in detail in advance and is guided through the interview step by step.

He is given time to prepare and answer each question. The questions are displayed on the screen and the applicant’s answers are automatically recorded via the webcam. It is only recorded while the applicant gives his answer. Questions as well as preparation and response times for the video interview are fixed and are the same for all invited applicants. The time-shifted video interview does not replace the classic job interview. It helps companies to get a meaningful impression of the applicant flexibly and inexpensively.

The video conference – job interview online

In contrast to time-shifted video interviews, video conferences or so-called video calls take place in real-time. Applicants and HR managers make an appointment and meet online for a video chat. If the time-shifted video interview is initially carried out without a conversation partner, someone from the specialist department can also take part in a video conference in addition to the person responsible for the HR department. The same rules apply here as for the interview.

Checklist: master the telephone interview and the video interview correctly!

With a checklist, you give your telephone interview a structure and you avoid forgetting important points. You can use this checklist to systematically prepare your telephone interview.

  • Self-presentation in advance friends recite or on tape
  • A quiet place for the interview select
  • Application documents to handhold
  • Reasons for any gaps in your resume layout
  • Strengths and weaknesses write
  • Checklist of questions set up the company
  • Pre-formulate short and precise answers
  • Relax your voice: sit up straight

Skype interview as a substitute for a job interview

The Skype video interview is a mix of a personal interview and a telephone interview. Everything important in the telephone interview must also be observed here. Also, there is stable internet performance, a neutral background – preferably white – and the ideal clothing.

The pants should not be jogging pants, otherwise, you are too relaxed. You should keep a sufficient distance from the webcam and check the microphone beforehand. The speakers should be set to the room volume, otherwise, there will be an echo for your future boss.

The biggest mistake is eye contact. Here you shouldn’t look at the screen or the small video image of yourself, but into the camera. Constantly looking at the screen seems unprofessional to your counterpart. Your eyes always seem half-closed. Again: look at the camera.